tape art at Touring Consumption.


Since Touring Consumption deals with the issues relating to travel and mobility, we developed a kind of line system. On the third floor, the "metro" crosses several countries. But the viewer does not see what he had expected: a disembodied hand, the "hand of the architect", places symbols of a city in a different spatial context.

So there is the Eiffel Tower in a desert landscape or the leaning tower of Pisa adorns the skyline of New York. Due to the generated change of perspective the viewer is playfully asked to consider the cultures of other countries from a new angle.



For the implementation of the project on all three floors of Karlshochschule we used paper tape.



Each line (orange, blue, white) leads visitors to other rooms and through the "countries", whose silhouettes are shown in a blue tape. The lines extend partially into geometrical figures.


tape art.