tape art.

"In the beginning, it takes no more than a wall - we take care of the rest."

To show you how tape art works its best to have a look at former projects. For example a work from 2013that was created at our university within the context of the international conference "Touring Consumption"  (and continues  decorating the glass walls to this day), or the project "gallery of thinkers" from last year.


... either temporary or permanent as:

  • logo presence
  • product attention
  • decoration, art
  • navigation
  • storytelling

 ... either indoors or outdoors applicable on:
  • (glass) walls
  • facades
  • corridors
  • floors
  • posters

for whom.

... concepts according to individual wishes for:

  • conferences
  • trade fairs
  • events
  • start-Ups
  • NGOs
  • companies


tape art.