tape art "Gallery of Thinkers".


The task was to present the great thinkers, upon which the teachings of Karlshochschule are based, within a natural environment.

To fulfil this task we developed a concept in which famous  thinkers such as Hannah Arendt, Ernst Cassirer and Edith Penrose
are brought  together as guests of a fictional hotel . Everybody is at the same time in the same place and the viewer gets an insight into the various "rooms".

This is intended to encourage students to be inspired and think about what these thinkers could have probably talked about when they  actually
had met each other.



For the implementation of the project on the second floor of Karlshochschule we used paper tape.



The outlines of figures were taped with white, the framing of objects and furniture with blue paper tape. Particularly noteworthy is the gray tape that we used for illustrating the organic forms, e.g. the faces, in detailed work.


tape art.