tape art "Clownfish".



Together with children of the Georgens School in Ludwigshafen, Germany, we realized a tape art project in December 2015.

The beautiful blue wall inspired us quickly with an under water theme and it took not long until we decided to fill it up with many clownfishes - or "Nemos", how the kids would call them.


It was the first time, that we used our tape art in this educational context, but we can say it was quite a success since the children were very enthusiastic about this medium, this direct way of "creating something".



For this project upon the blue wall we used paper tape in white, neon-orange and black.



The outlines we made beforehand, and then the kids could fill up the spaces with pieces of tape.

We did some entire fishes ourselves (see above), and experimented a little bit with the style of completely filled areas.


tape art.